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Xiaomi launches the Pocophone: a new smartphone brand to crush their competitors

The Poco F1 is a high-end smartphone at an incredibly low price. Something to compete with Xiaomi’s rivals?

After attacking traditional brands like Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi now seems determined to battle with new smartphone big players such as OnePlus and Honor. To avoid confusion with its products, Xiaomi is launching the “Pocophone,” a new smartphone brand.

New positioning from Xiaomi?

Its goal is evident here: offering smartphones with top-of-the-range equipment but at a really low entry price. The brand focuses on the essential (screen, battery, camera) to achieve this objective, overlooking the features traditionally considered more like gadgets.

With a Snapdragon 845, 4 to 8 GB RAM and a generous 4000 mAh battery, the Pocophone F1 is equipped with the best hardware on the market. That’s enough to predict excellent performance. The user has the choice between 64GB and 256GB storage expandable by Micro SD and has both a USB-C port and a Jack, yet a feature not available on the latest Xiaomi smartphones.

On the front, the Pocophone F1 looks like the Xiaomi Mi 8 and has a screen of the same size. It is equipped with an infrared facial recognition sensor, capable of identifying you in the dark. The smartphone is equipped with a 6.18-inch Full HD+ LCD technology panel and not OLED tech as on the Xiaomi flagship products. On the back of the smartphone, the brand chose polycarbonate rather than glass, supposedly not to force its users to install a protective shell but probably because this material is also less expensive to mass produce.

Camera specs

For the camera, Pocophone is using a double camera module of 12 and 5 Mpix, supposed to offer an excellent image quality to its users. An AI mode should improve photo quality.

Note that the smartphone runs under a particular version of MIUI, which offers an application drawer to give the impression of being under a more standard Android.

Remains the question of price, which is not yet known. The Pocophone F1 will be offered for the equivalent of 260 dollars in version 64+4 Gb, and 360 dollars in 256+8 Gb. If prices are similar, or just slightly higher, Xiaomi may knock out rivals like OnePlus and Honor, whose prices are currently the most competitive.

This is quite exciting to see how the smartphone market is being shaken up with many companies now fighting for the top spot in this incredibly juicy market!

Elements to Effectively Persuade your Customers

Today we are going to talk about persuasion!

Whenever we face a client, we use various strategies to achieve the cherished “Yes”. Sometimes we leave victorious, and others are not going as well. What motivates people to say “Yes”?

How can I be more efficient when it comes to interacting with our customers?

As well, behind these and many other questions, there is a whole science that for more than 60 years has studied our behaviour to identify those factors influencing us to say “Yes.”

The six factors that are influencing us to say “Yes.”

signing deals is the ultimate goalPersuade your clientsOne of an essential skills that every leader and every entrepreneur must have is the ability to influence others. It is not easy to develop talent, but given its importance, we should strive to be more persuasive and incurring, but the big question is how?

A good starting the point is to take advantage of the six elements of persuasion that we saw in the video, which is scientifically unproven. Below I list every one of them and you are invited to take them into account when advertising and when should negotiate and interact with your customers.

Reciprocity: It is a universal principle based on giving to receive. Whenever you give something to someone, automatically that person will feel in debt to you and increase the possibilities of influencing it significantly.

Scarcity: Humans tend to appreciate things more when we are about to lose them. The idea is to create in your customers the feeling that should say “Yes” soon or may lose the opportunity to get your offer or your product.

Authority: People influenced you more quickly are individuals who demonstrate experience or significant knowledge according to the product or service in which you are interested.

Consistency: This principle works looking for volunteers, active and public commitments even doing that the same person is who write it, to ensure that she is ready to perform more complex actions.

Sympathy: The people are influenced more easily individuals who fall well. Perform actions to look for similarities between you and your customer, flatter them or make them feel that you want to help them, will have a positive effect on your goal of persuading him.

Consensus: Another fascinating element that you can use is to show your clients that other people already they have been performed the action that you want to make them. Here we do not take our ability to persuade, but it we use mass actions of individuals to influence the decisions of a person.

Interesting? The invitation is now put into practice strategies that take advantage of these elements and that your effectiveness when selling insurance will increase significantly.

Make the Most of Your Meetings

Typically, almost 40% of a managers hours are spent in meetings, not including the time they take for preparation and recuperation.

A research of business leaders has shown the following:

33% of the time in meetings are unproductive, 75% of the survey revealed that it is essential to have a planned agenda, which are only utilized 50% of the time. Approximately 64% of the meetings are successful on their intended goals. Find more data here

A controlled conceptualisation to getting the most time out of your meetings can help to increase team effectiveness.

Set objectives:

Ask yourself three questions. What do I hope to achieve out of the meeting? What are some of the specific accomplishments I need to get from this meeting? How can I measure the success of this meeting?
Utilize your answers to realize your objectives, then make them known to your participants.

Be assured that important people will attend

Outstanding individuals are people with the experience and knowledge that’s needed to help you achieve the objectives for the meeting.

Write an agenda

There are many ways to fulfill this task. Sequester a planning committee to set up your agenda, or possibly send surveys prior to the meeting to ask people to list topics that they think shou ldto be discussed. It should be distributed well enough in advance so your participants can appropriately prepare for the upcoming meeting.

Research has shown that productivity decreases quickly soon after the meeting. If there is a long meeting, offer appropriate breaks.

Keep the meeting on course

Think about nominating a staff member as the timekeeper. If there is no one nominated, then the lead speaker should make certain that the meeting stays on course. It will additionally be logical to allocate meeting roles such as note taking, observer or chairperson.

You may also consider allowing attendees to propose an agreement for the meeting before its start, like the following:

  • a reunion of some of the most important individuals on the firmEveryone should participate
  • No side discussions
  • Stick to time frames
  • Only one individual speaks at a time

3 Methods Used In A Real Estate Valuation

The primary function of real estate valuations is to determine a property value. However, what the market will pay for your house is often different from what you feel it is worth. Do you know what methods your real estate appraiser is using to determine your home’s value? Understanding the primary methodologies involved in valuation can be very beneficial whether you are selling, or buying. There are three main methods used to determine real estate value, otherwise called the “approaches to value”.

The Sales Comparison Approach

The sales comparison approach is most frequently used in real estate, and it is based on determining what other properties have sold for recently in the immediate vicinity. Methods like trend analysis, market surveys are employed to carry out such comparisons. This method relies on judgement calls to a certain extent, as a certain real estate feature may be differently valued and different areas. Nevertheless, it is still considered to be one of more advanced methods.

The Cost Approach

This valuation method is based on calculating the costs if the property had to be replaced or reproduced, and taking into account accrued depreciation. The cost approach also requires assumptions, but it is considered a more reliable method in the case of newer properties being evaluated.

The Income Approach

The third approach is used when the real estate is generating income for its owner. Some examples may include offices, apartment buildings, and similar rental properties. If income approach is used for a real estate valuation, the appraisers will take into account the value of revenue derived from such property to determine the final calculation.

Even though these three approaches are most frequently used to perform the appraisals, other methods, such as risk or geographically based, are sometimes used too. The person carrying out your real estate valuation can choose from these approaches to determine your house’s value. Each approach has its benefits in different circumstances.

Finding out what your property valuation is based on may help you get a better idea of why it is valued at a certain price. The approaches above are most often the deciding factors in how your real estate valuation is going to go, thus gaining a better understanding of them can prove to be beneficial when your property is up for an appraisal. Get a property valuation report!

Tips for Improving Your Business in General!

closing deals is what matters

Once you start your business by investing some capital in an idea about which you are passionate, the next step is to make the business successful. For this, you have to make different marketing plans and also use innovative techniques so that your business gets the publicity it requires to make better sales.

When your business is growing satisfactorily, and you can think of it as a successful business, there is one more important task, and that is to ensure that your business is always successful. To make sure that the firm is always growing, you have to improve it continuously. You have to make changes in your business operation, business strategies and the technology you are using, so that your business is always ahead of its competitors. If you are wondering how to improve your business in general, then there are many ways which will be helpful for you in developing your business. Some tips for improving your business are given below.

How to improve your business?

Make sure that the quality of the product or service that you are providing is excellent because the success of the firm depends on the quality of the product it is promoting.

bees working as a teamWhen you want to improve your business, you need to assess and pinpoint the areas where the improvement is necessary. This is called as the SWOT analysis. It means, taking a closer look at your business and identifying your business strengths and weaknesses so that you can use your strengths for better results and try to minimise weak aspects in your business. This analysis also includes the opportunities and threats. Gauging the business opportunities and recognising the threats to your business will help you to improve your business so that your business will do well in all circumstances.

It is very important to improve your business processes whether they are documented processes or informal processes. Streamlining the processes will help you to prevent wastage of resources and your business will be efficient and more productive.

Market analysis if very important as it will keep you informed about the changing trends in the market and the performance of your competitors so that you can plan your marketing strategies accordingly.

Ensure that the employees are efficient and effective with proper appreciation and recognition of your art. Set specific goals for your business and motivate your staff to achieve the target with effective planning and execution of strategies.
Using modern technologies and bringing automation in business is an effective way to improve your business productivity.

Make sure that the communications between and your employees are open and comfortable which will help you to have a good rapport with your employees and ensure that there are no problems. Happy employees tend to be more productive which is good for your business.

All the tips mentioned above will help you in improving your business. Improvement in business will always result in the need to expand the business as the improved business will lead to an increase in sales and revenues. So always think of the future of your business and plan accordingly.