Virgin Hyperloop One unveils a new version of its capsule

Virgin Hyperloop One

On the occasion of the visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Virgin Hyperloop One presented a new version of its capsule, almost identical to the previous model.

Saudi Arabia is one of many countries that want a Hyperloop line. Let us recall that, under the impetus of Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman Al Saud, the kingdom launched a very ambitious high-tech megalopolis project called Neom. And the Hyperloop is one of the futuristic means of transport that the country intends to equip itself with alongside taxi drones and other autonomous cars.

Virgin Hyperloop One now seems well placed to establish itself in Saudi Arabia. A few days ago, the company received a visit from the Crown Prince and presented him with a new version of his Hyperloop capsule in the colors of the Wahhabi kingdom.

Link Riyadh to Jeddah in 1 h 16 min

new capsule introducedThis new prototype, which can be seen in action in the video above, actually seems very close to the Virgin Hyperloop One capsule which broke its first speed record last December. Moreover, the company does not mention any particular technical developments and even less any progress regarding performance. The official support of the sovereign of Saudi Arabia is apparently a significant communication move.

In its press release, the company mentions the time saving offered by a Hyperloop line linking the capital Riyadh to the port city of Jeddah, some 850 km as the crow flies. The journey would be barely one h 16 min, compared to 10 hours at present. And a connection between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, would take 48 minutes, instead of 8 hours and 30 minutes.

Virgin Hyperloop One unveils its new capsule in Dubai.

Hyperloop One has unveiled a full-size prototype of its capsule whose interior has been designed by BMW. It is on display in Dubai, which wants to become the first city in the world to have an operational line in 2020.

Already well advanced in the development of its ultra-fast train, Virgin Hyperloop One is working to communicate with the general public by unveiling a capsule prototype revealing what the interior of this means of transport of the future will look like. The presentation took place in Dubai.

This city in the United Arab Emirates has signed an agreement with the American company to create a line linking it to the capital Abu-Dhabi in twelve minutes. A journey that currently takes almost two hours by car. Developed by Virgin Hyperloop One and the Dubai Transport Authority, the capsule will offer two travel classes.

10.000 passengers per hour for Hyperloop One capsules

The “gold” class will offer a separate private space with only four seats. The “silver” class will contain 14 seats generously spaced from each other. The minimalist interior decoration does not include windows but perforated side panels located at seat level. These were designed by the car manufacturer BMW, without anyone knowing what motivated this choice. On the ground, a luminous marking is supposed to materialize the movement and the speed.

Passengers will be able to distract themselves with individual screens. They will have to keep their belts fastened for the duration of the precise Virgin Hyperloop One journey. The line connecting Dubai to Abu Dhabi is expected to be operational from 2020. According to local authorities, up to 10,000 passengers could travel each hour in both directions.

Best outdoor gear for your leisure time needs


For those who enjoy the experience the ambience of the outdoors and the beauty of some of the nature’s best ecosystems such as camping and hiking, then choosing the appropriate equipment for your unique needs always has its inherent benefits. Simply put, once you are well equipped with the correct outdoor gear, you are not only sure of endless fun when taking on your favourite outdoor activities, but you are also sure of having a hassle-free experience as well. For this reason, it’s highly important that you have sufficient insight into some of the essential items that you may require to experience the ambience of the outdoors
Examples of outdoor gear

Here are some of the recommendations for you to consider:

Camping tents and warm clothing

camping-in-a-tent-is-awesomePerhaps the first important aspect to consider when preparing for your unique outdoor activities is that you have to equip yourself with some of the top rated camping tents and warm clothing. It is because camping tents are often simple to set up and guarantee a stable roof over your head.
By the same token, camping tents are also nowadays designed to provide optimal strength against the effects of harsh weather such as torrential rainfall and extreme winds as well. Besides that, since the outdoors often has low temperatures, it’s important that you have warm clothing that you can use, especially during the night hours. Click here to find more on the best tents for camping

Torches and satellite phones

Moreover, another important factor to consider is that you have to equip yourself with lights and satellite phones as well. To be specific, you require a flashlight due to the relatively poor lighting conditions that often accompanies most outdoor settings. In this way, you can quickly locate your essential items such as food or perhaps when going out for wood to light up the campfire. Furthermore, if you are perhaps taking your outdoor journey to the deep interiors of the outdoor world, then you might want to invest in a satellite phone in case you require emergency assistance for your needs.

Durable and ergonomic bag packs

Another important factor for you to consider is that you have to invest in durable and ergonomic bags. In fact, since a significant portion of your time will be spent moving and setting up the outdoor gear, you will want a bag pack that can not only store all your items but is durable enough to withstand the rugged conditions that often accompanies outdoors activities. Furthermore, you also need to ensure that the bag comes with ergonomic design features, which allows you to use the bag for extended durations of time without fatigue or discomfort on your shoulders.



All things considered when it comes to investing in the right outdoor gear; it’s important that you have sufficient insight for you to make an informed decision. You don’t want to arrive at your destination only for you to discover that you are missing something important for your unique needs. For this reason, always ensure that you invest in the appropriate gear for endless fun and hassle free experience each time.

Guidelines On How To Purchase A Home Abroad


Buying a home is one of the lifetime investments you can ever make.

The process of buying a new home is associated with a lot of hassle especially when you are looking for one abroad and doing it for the first time. Buying home abroad is exciting, but the risk of legal pitfalls is high. Here are some tips to help you reduce the risk of bad property investments when buying a home abroad.

• Get professional assistance

At times, it is certainly a great deal buying a foreign home directly from the owner. However, if you are not familiar with the foreign real estate market, it is advisable to purchase through a reputable property developer or from a professional real estate agent.

It is good to deal with these professionals because they can provide you with useful guidance to help you avert pitfalls when purchasing an overseas property. Foreign real estate professionals usually have an obligation to see to it that you get access to every detail of the purchase. The majority will complete the deal on your behalf and ensure you get the satisfaction you want.

• Do a thorough investigation of the market

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-15-34-55Real estate markets differ from one state to another. These markets go through lower and rising cycles and at times they are independent of each other. It is not good to always base the property value of your home country to that of other states. Investors are the ones who are interested in the market trends because they want to buy and then sell the house at a profit.

There are countries that limit or prevent real estate ownership by noncitizens. Therefore, you must make sure that the laws of that particular country allows you to purchase real estate and under what terms is it allowed before making payments. As such, you stand a good position to avoid disappointments or scams.

• Hire an attorney

Working with a lawyer is important although some real estate deals do not need you to hire a legal representative. When buying a home overseas, it is invaluable to hire an independent lawyer to represent your interests and watch out for potential legal violations.

• Have the documents translated

Before you sign any documents relating to the purchase, see to it that they are professionally translated. It is very crucial because you ought to understand everything that you are signing your name against. Ensure that you clearly understand words used. Read the contract and see to it that the terms and conditions you agree to be favourable. Ensure that the contract specifies the payment methods. Get to know if the funds are refundable and the deposit required.

• Choose your location

Decide on the particular location you want to reside within the country. To determine the best location, it is advisable that you carry out short visits or holidays to your potential country until you decide an on an area that’s right for you.

• Valuation

Before releasing your money, ensure a valuation of the home is carried out. It is crucial because any problems with the property will be pointed out. For instance, you get to know if the house has wiring defects. Valuation is essential as it highlights possible boundary disputes if any.

• Property ownership

Get to know if the developer or agents have full title to the home. Do thorough investigation on this so that you do not buy a property that has a debt. Ensure your solicitor can check out this.

• Arrange your finance

When making a down payment, payment in full, or mortgage payments find a reliable foreign exchange service to assist you in these transactions.

If you need mortgage finance, you will need to get an agreement in principle before agreeing to purchase the house, or before paying a deposit or signing the papers. Ensure that everything you pay is clearly outlined in the contract.

How to Carefully Invest in Business Start Ups

essential elements for business success

Investing in startups can be quite a tricky business, and in fact, some studies find startups to have a 90% failure rate. On the flip-side, you can hit the jackpot and end up being a millionaire or even billionaire in record-breaking fashion if you do invest in the right startup of course.

It is worth noting that while the startup business is indeed a risky affair, all you have to do is only pick the right industry, to break the bank.
Most tech-giants started out small, –HP, for instance, started out in a garage – where the owner had to rely on family and friends to invest in their vision.
The outcome? Most, if not all of these friends, family and a small group of lucky outsiders who invested in these companies turned every $1 into $100. In a nutshell, investing in startups can only have two possible outcomes.

The first is you get rewarded for your faith by earning millions if all goes well, or conversely, lose everything you invested. Is there a way to avoid the latter outcome? Well, let’s have a look.

What to Know Before Investing in Startups:

While there is no surefire way to guarantee your investments, you can always reduce the risks involved by following these simple tips.

factors for company success

Invest in a Familiar Niche

Never invests blindly regardless of how sweet the deal sounds or looks on paper. To reduce risks, – as is the case with any business – always strive first to understand the market you are getting into, before anything else. With this, you can make an informed judgment based on the expected projections shortly. Of course, things can always go wrong, but you stand a better chance of getting your money back as an investor, with extensive research to back up your decision.


Most people end up making losses just because they placed all their eggs in one basket. Indeed, business is all about reducing the risks involved, and this can be enhanced by simply diversifying your investments in different startups. By doing so, you not only significantly boost your chances of success, but also greatly reduce the risks of all your savings going up in smoke. You’d rather gain dismal profits here and there, than nothing from a single venture in the long-term.

Grilling the Founders

In business, the company is always as good as the brains behind it, meaning the founders of the prospective startup, are indeed your greatest asset. In short, it is all about having the right people on every desk and chair. While grilling the founders, focus on their background – primarily their education, career and business ventures if any.
This will not only help you sleep better at the end of every day knowing that your money is in good hands, but also help you increase your chances of becoming wealthy – the main idea.

In conclusion, business startups can be quite rewarding; but only if all goes well. It starts with how well you cushion and place yourself for success.